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       PE protective film is widely application in the life, all aspects need to use protective film.

         Building industry is particularly much, aluminous composite panel surface, aluminum profile surface, all kinds of stainless steel plate surface, marble, ceiling, curtain wall surface, the model steel profile, polyester furniture panels etc.

        Auto industry: the car body and car interior. All need PE protective film.

       Surface of household aspects: All kinds of household electrical appliances, wood furniture surface, the surface of instrument. Security door, window, floor, carpet, and the light surface.
Housing decoration or automobile surface protection before painting.

       PE Protective film can effectively protect of all kinds of product surface from scratches, damage and contamination during second processing, transportation, storage or installation process.

      PE protective film can be divided into high viscous, medium viscosity, low viscosity, meet different product surface. Make sure it easy to paste, easy stripping, and no residue after stripping.

      PE Protective film commonly used color is blue, transparent, white, black and white, 5 color LOGO printing is available. With the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness, the application of PE protective film will be more and more widely.


      Shire Pe protective film have very good quality and High cost performance. Welcome contact us.


pe protective film


pe protection film



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