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What's the effect of glue on protective film

For the PE Protective Film, The glue is very important.If the glue viscosity is too high or too low, then the Protective Film can not achieve its proper protection.Currently common used is Rubber type of glue and Acrylic Glue.

In China, Mostly PE Protective Film Factory usually used Acrylic Glue, and rubber type glue widespread used on Europe and Japan factory. Compared to the Acrylic glue, rubber glue have the obvious advantages, which main raw material is rubber-based.

First, the same Viscosity rubber type protective film have wide application scope, that is to say with a viscosity of the film can be applied to the product surface from smooth to rough. Therefore the rubber type PE protective film only have 4 viscosity levels. However, the Acrylic glue PE protective film each interval is approximately 20g / 25mm a product must be classified separately, so the Acrylic PE protective film have lager of viscosity varieties. So the rubber glue protective film is more simpler for manufacturers stocking stocks, applicable.

Second advantage of the rubber-type protective film, because a large tolerance, so you can use the protective film of higherviscosity, and therefore particularly suitable for complex post-processing applications, such as stainless steel, aluminum and stamping situations.

Thirdly, rubber-type protective film does not residue any glue on product surface, regardless of viscosity level, the product surface will not leave any residue after stripping the PE protection film, which is a great advantage compared to acrylic glue. For Acrylic adhesive protective film, if the viscosity is too low, the film cant stick on product surface.And if the Viscosity is too high, it will be resulting adhesive residue.These two issues are the most prone to the PE protective film quality problems.

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