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What is Carpet Protective Film

Carpet, is cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or yarn of synthetic chemical-based raw materials, by hand or mechanical technology of knitting, tufted or woven material made of ground-laid. It is one of the world of arts and crafts category with a long historical tradition. Covering the ground residential, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc., there are noise reduction, thermal insulation and decorative effect.


Carpet been widely used In modern decor, including home and business.

According to different attributes, the classification is not the same carpet.

According to the classification of raw materials, it is divided into wool rugs and chemical fibre carpet.

According to functional classification can be divided into: Commercial carpet, residential carpet and industrial carpet.


Carpet protection film function:

1. Carpet protective film can effectively protect the carpet surface from scratches, damage and contamination during transportation and installation.

2. Protect the carpet from paint, dust and other contamination during decorating.


Carpet film Specifications:

Adhesive: water glue / glue oil

Color: Transparent

Width: 0.05 -1.25M

Length: 100 - 1000M

Printing: 2-color printing

Viscosity: low viscosity / high viscosity

Shire Carpet film features: High adhesion; stable adhering capacity, is easily applied and leaves no residue behind when removed.

carpet protective tape

carpet protection film

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