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Surface Protection Solution

PE Protective film have a wider range of application. Of course will have different specification, but the most important is the glue viscosity. The viscosity decide the film’s quality, cant be too high or will leave glue and difficult to peel. Cant be too lower or will easy to drop out. So, You need choose a professional manufacturer to cooperation.


Shire’s film is available in a wide range of size,and possible to select different types as the user's requirement. It's better that you can send us the samples of your products that request surface protection for our testing. Our engineers will analyses the surface condition of your products, then provide you the appropriate protection solution and product.


Here some examples,


For stainless steel sheet panel surface. We know it have 2B plates, draw plates, Mirror plate. For the viscosity, Draw plates>2B plates>Mirror plates.

stainless steel protection tape

For carpet protective film. Divided into car carpet protective film and Home carpet protective film. Cuz the carpet surface have high friction so carpet film should be high viscosity.

home carpet protection tape

And there were The Glass film, The Floor film, The ACP protective film etc.

More about the surface protective solution, pls contact us.


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