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Surface protection tape applied range

PE PROTECTIVE Film have widely use, today we write the most commonly used.

1. Carpet Protective Film

Carpet protective film to be divided two classes, home carpet protective film and car carpet protective film. 

 super viscosity carpet protection tape

They have same specification in thickness, width, length, color,and print. The only different is the viscosity. Car protective film’s viscosity is more stronger than home use.


  1. Aluminum surface  protective film.

Aluminum surface  protective film to be divided three classes, aluminum composite panel protective film(ACP film),aluminum panel protective film, aluminum extrusion profile protective film(AEP FILM).

 aluminum composite panel protective tape

ACP protective film have big quantity. Commonly use 100mic, medium viscosity.

AEP protective film divided Frosted coating surface and Wood grain surface, coating surface need high adhesive and the wood surface use low adhesive. Most of customer use Black&white film with logo printing and a few customer choose milky white film.


  1. Stainless steel sheet protective film

Stainless steel sheet  protective film to be divided three classes, 2B Surface, Mirror plate and the Drawplates.

stainless steel sheet protection tape,black&whit film

Commonly used Black&white /Blue / Milky white color. Thickness between 50mic to 100mic.Contrast viscosity, Drawplate > 2B > Mirror.

We know Viscosity is the most important for PE PROTECTIVE FILM.

Higher viscosity made the film hard to stripping from the surface even leave glue residue on the surface.

However, Lower viscosity will easily to fall off. Cant play the role of protection.

Shire PE protective film with over 10 years production experience. No matter viscosity or other point, we can meet customer’s requirement. Our product have stable adhesive, clear logo printing, sufficient thickness,width and length.


High quality, cheap price, good service, Why not Shire!


Other Product surface we will write next time.

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