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What’s the process of printing logo?

In order to strengthen the brand effect More and more customer choose printing logo on PE PROTECTIVE FILM.

What’s the process of printing logo? Today we will have the answer.


First,PE PROTECTIVE Film Mould preparation stage

customer need confirm their logo before place the order. How many colors. And send us the PDF format picture.

We will send the logo to Plate making factory as long as we received the logo. Plate marking factory will design the template drawing according to the customer’s PDF and pe protective film’s width . Then we send back to customer confirm.

After customer’s agreement, we waiting for mould production.


Second, PE PROTECTIVE FILM Logo printing stage

Once get the mould, we start to print,.For PE protective film, printing is the first step, then coating.

In order to ensure that the logo been printed correctly We need spent at least 3 hours for debugging the mould. So, generally speaking, the PE PROTECTIVE FILM with printing MOQ at least 10,000sqm.


Finally, Cutting and packing stage.

For pe protective film, print is the first step, and cutting is the finally step.

Customer required different width.

For the shorter width such as 1inch, 2inch, 3inch. We printing 1250MM roll first, then cut the 1200MM roll into I/2/3inch.

For the medium width such as 30cm/ 40cm/60cm, also printing 1250mm rolls, then cut it into 30/40/60cm.

For the longer width such as 80cm/100cm/120cm, we will printing 1650mm/2000mm/1250mm and cut it into the accurate width.

After cutting the rolls. We package the protection rolls via carton or Kraft paper.


Packaging is also very important for protection tape. Correct packaging can

effectively prevented the rolls suffer extrusion or transformation during transportation and storage.


In conclusion, this is the process about PE PROTECTION TAPE printing logo.

Shire can supply clear and colorful logo printing protection film,

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