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Dubai Big5 Exhibition--Shire Visitor update

The Big 5 in Dubai 20016 took place from 21 - 24 November on dubai world center. It is the largest construction event in the Middle East, attracting thousands of key buyers and suppliers from across the globe, over four packed days. Provides a face-to-face business communication opportunity for Middle East countries buyers , also for the Chinese enterprise provides a new platform for the business.


This year The Big 5 introduced a brand new floorplan layout and dedicated product sectors, making it even easier for key buyers to find the right construction products and suppliers they are looking for. This year The Big 5 brought 2586 suppliers and saw more than 73,500 participants to do business with.


Dubai BIG5 exhibition is very big, there are three pavilions, as many as thousands of exhibitors exhibitors, from all over the world.Including sanitary ceramic tile, included glass, doors and Windows, aluminum composite panel, curtain wall plate, sandwich panel, floor, stainless steel decoration and so on various exhibitors of the construction industry.


As a visitor, Shire attended this exhibition.Met many exhibitors on the exhibition, Also left a contact with a lot of exhibitors, protective film for the future cooperation are discussed in this paper.

As we know, no matter doors and Windows, aluminum-plastic plate, or sandwich plate, are heavy demand of PE protective film, which can effectively protect the new surface from scratches, damage and contamination during production process, secondary processing ,transportation and installation. Reduce the return rate of manufacturer , avoid risk, reduce loss.


Shire  is committed to supplier good quality protective film for building material. Include ACP PROTECTIVE FILM. STAINLESS STEEL SURFACE PROTECTIVE FILM, SANDWICH PANEL PROTECTIVE FILM.We do our best to improve the protective film performance.Try our best to meet different requirement from various customer.


In the event of the trip, we also take this opportunity to visit Dubai, including khalifa, Dubai mall, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and famous attractions such as dubai desert. Dubai is a wonderful city, the pearl in the desert, one side is the sea, one side is desert, and so muchskyscrapers, modernization degree is high, Its worthy of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East.


The Big 5 in Dubai continues to be the number one choice for construction professionals from across the globe, and with a market in growth there is more opportunity available to suppliers than ever before.


Following on from a successful building material edition, shire will be Make persistent efforts,Looking for more partners.

Dubai big5

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