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Shire is a  China factory of PE protective film/ Protection film for glass .Shire protective Film offers stable adhering capacity, is easily applied and leaves no residue behind when removed. This product can effectively protect the surface of alucobond panel surface  from scratches, damage and contamination during transportation and installation.


No residue glass surface protective film is mainly used to protect glass from scratches, damage and dirt during transportation and installation.

Features of No residue Glass Surface Protective Film


1. Shire  No residue Glass Surface Protective Film is Durable, recycable,health & safe,no haze;

2.Protect your product surface from pollution, damage & UV

3.Improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on;

4.Easy to apply & remove, no adhesive residue after removal;

5.Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging

6.Stable adhering capacity and Special easy-peel

7.Leaving no residue glue or trace on the target surfaces

8.Protect the surfaces not to be polluted, corrode, and scratch during the process of 

   produce, transport, store and installation.

9.Production scale: 9 production line;1600 mm maximum production line

10.Shire No residue Glass Surface Protective Film can offer 6 color over print

11.We have the whole production line (blow molding, printing, coating, cutting)


Specifications of No residue Glass Surface Protective Film



Printing or no

Color appearance

Bonding strength (g/25mm)

Thickness (mm)




Pe protective film/Surface protective film for all kinds of panel/profiles

Whitout printing

PE transparent


0.04; 0.05; 0.06

PE milky


0.04; 0.06

PE blue



PE black and white


0.04; 0.05; 0.06


PE black and white


0.06; 0.07; 0.08

PE blue



PE transparent


0.06; 0.07; 0.08

Extinction white



Milky and transparent



PE transparent


0.04; 0.05; 0.06

Application of No residue Glass Surface Protective Film
Model Adhesive Strength Usage Color









PE Protective Film / Surface Protective Film

Very High Carpet, automobile carpet, dull painted aluminum profile, coarse sand blasted profile etc. Transparent          blue                  white                         black-white         and other color you like
High Surface protection on:
laminate of matte finish, aluminum lastic composite panel, coated aluminum sheet of matte finish, coated stainless steel panel of matte finish etc.
Medium Surface protection on:
galvanized aluminum sheet, mill polised stainless steel, mill finished aluminum sheet, artificial marble, plastic steel profileetc.
Medium-Low Surface protection on:
Polyester furniture board, smooth aluminum, tile ,coated metal sheet of gloss finish, surface of air-conditioner and various home appliances' surface etc.
Low Surface protection on
PVC sheet,ABS sheet, Mirrored steel plate, anodized aluminum, plastic bo window surface protective film ard and many more products of high gloss surface etc.
Stretch wrapping film No adhesive



No residue Glass Surface Protective Film---Picture

blue film/blue transparent glass film
glass protective film/tape
window glass protection film

Packaging & Shipping of No residue Glass Surface Protective Film

china supplier of pe protective film


Company Information

 Welcom to visit our factory.china surface protective film factory

Our Services

1, 24 hours Timely respond and online contact is available.

2, All your questions Can be handle by professional sales.

3, Free sample.

4, Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.

5, Good after-sale service offered.

6, Quality problems in full compensation.

7, Shire Plastic, YOUR BEST CHOOSE.


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