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clear window glass surface protection film Blue transparent protective film



By its nature, glass is extremely fragile. Even heavy-duty tempered glass can scratch, mar, swirl, etch or haze with handling and exposure. This makes working with glass a challenge. Each step of a glass product’s life cycle represents a new danger to the glass itself. Hazards arise during:

  • Cutting
  • Etching
  • Routing
  • Assembly
  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Storage
  • Installation

Clear window glass surface protection film is the simple, cost-effective solution to many of the challenges involved in working with glass. Our protective films are easy to apply, and can provide protection from only a few minutes to over a year, depending on the requirements of your application. They can then be quickly removed without leaving any adhesive residue. Coated optics, interior/exterior windows, shower doors and other glass surfaces each require their own specific type of protection.


Haining Shire New Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China protective film manufacturers and suppliers. Shire's

Window Protection Film acts as a barrier of protection for your windows from various elements.
It is mainly used to protect glass from scratches, damage and dirt during transportation and installation. It protects for up to 60 days with clean removal, leaving no residue behind.

♦Various sizes and colors are available for customers to choose from.
♦Holes and lines can be customized for easy tear and cut.
♦Anti-UV function can be customized.



  • Protect your product surface from pollution, damage & UV
  • Improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on;
  • Used as die-cut type depending on its size
  • Excellent innitial tack & high adhesion
  • Window Protection Film has Stable adhering capacity and Special easy-peel
  • No adhesive residue when peeling off
  • Protect the surfaces not to be polluted, corrode, and scratch during the process of produce, transport, store and installation
  • Production scale: 9 production line;1600 mm maximum production line
  • Shire Construction window glass protective film can offer 1-3 color over print
  • We have the whole production line (blow molding, printing, coating, cutting)


Categoriess Printing or no Color appearance Bonding strength (g/25mm) Thickness (mm)
Pe protective film for all kinds of panel/profiles Whitout printing PE transparent 30~500 0.04; 0.05; 0.06
PE milky 30~500 0.04; 0.06
PE blue 30~500 0.05
PE black and white 30~500 0.04; 0.05; 0.06
Printing PE black and white 30~500 0.06; 0.07; 0.08
PE blue 30~500 0.07
PE transparent 30~500 0.06; 0.07; 0.08
Extinction white 30~500 0.06
Milky and transparent 30~500 0.06
PE transparent 30~500 0.04; 0.05; 0.06


Our service 

The table below can assist you in selecting the type of film that you would like to evaluate for your particular application. The headings at the top of the table identify the specific protective films by listing the combination of adhesive type, tack and material used.

• Adhesive type – This is the product identification number of the adhesive used to attach the protective film to the glass.

• Tack – Measured in ounces per lateral inch, this defines the amount of adhesive used and the resulting “stickiness” of the glass protection film. Because there are many variables at play, the tack level of most adhesives will be expressed as a range of values rather than a single, specific measurement.

• Film/Paper – This indicates the type of plastic or paper that the film is made of.

Each row of the table is then labeled with the type of glass surface you want to protect.

We highly encourage sampling two or more films to ensure you find the optimum film that performs to your expectations and removes cleanly when no longer needed.



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